Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021

SL Accounting and Tax Services

Income Tax Consultants; Bookkeeping; Tax Consultant
SL Accounting and Tax Services - Specials

Products and Services Offered

No longer do you need to travel or stand in a SARS que! 

We come to you for the following services. 

Accounting services and Bookkeeping services.

Tax services

- Registration for tax

- Annual tax returns

- Provisional tax returns

- Registration for VAT

- VAT returns (monthly or bi-monthly)


- Salary structuring (tax efficiency)

- IRP5 Certificates


- SARS objections

- SARS appeals where objections are disallowed


- PAYE registration

- Monthly PAYE returns - Bio-annual PAYE reconciliations - Annual PAYE reconciliations





Address: 3 1st Avenue
East London



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