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Financial Services - Insurance, Investments, Medical aid & Risk (life/disabity etc.)
Calreg - Specials
Calreg - Specials
Calreg - Specials
Calreg - Specials

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Financial Adviser- Life Insurance - Investment - Medical Aid & Short Term Insurance.



Mr David Counihan is the owner of CALREG •?I started out at UPE whilst employed by LTA Construction; he was part of the team that built the Library and Science blocks, specialising as a Building Surveyor at the big construction depression •?Thinking out of the box – I got into the retail industry, grasped the building sector opportunity, where he out eutraneapeur skills kept at creating more and more benchmarks in his occupations. •?I once again helped a friend with a struggling business ending up in the financial services industry in the year 2000. •?This is where I found my true business ‘love’ •?David’s modus operand has always been a combination of going the extra mile with extraordinary service.’ •?In the Financial Services Industry David gets immense satisfaction in assisting people with their financial planning. •?We give you what is required to assist you to live your life to the full. Calreg is what is known as a Financial Services Provider’ his business provides services in:- 1. Investments – Savings, Endowments. Retirement Annuities, offshore funds, etc. 2. Life cover – funeral, death, disability, illness income replacement, policies. 3. Short term cover – insurance for your business, home, possessions, car, toys, etc 4. Medical Aid – medical aid cover from students to businesses. •?In Calreg the client comes 1st. •?To do that, Calreg has had to turn down many offers to be aligned with insurance companies. •?Because we do not believe a business or person can serve two gods. – The client is what we are about.



Address: 1 King George's Road
Mill Park
Port Elizabeth
Phone Number: 086 136 0305
Fax Number: 086 626 0305
Cell Number: 082 579 3451



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