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We refer to our business groups as Pioneers, which are identified in numerical order. We do not emphasize the number of groups within an area, but rather focus on quality of members. Each Pioneer Group can be compared to a Virtual Business Mall.

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Our Members Lounge allows our members to Edit and Update their information, as well as post status and photos about what has been happening in their business. Members can also load any Specials they may have - Click on "About GBR4U (Pty) Ltd" tab to see our Members Specials

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Come Grow your business with Valuable Business Referrals. You are Welcome to attend up to 3 (collectively) Pioneer Business meetings within a 35km range before making an informed decision or Complete the online application form which is subject to acceptance.We do not allow opposition within a group

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Growing your Business with GBR4U Pty Ltd  

We Believe in Local is Lekker!

An Eastern Cape Business Referral Network Company with a footprint in East London & Port Elizabeth. 

We are a proud South African Business Referrals Company, based in the Eastern Cape.

Our Core Business is Valuable Business Referrals for our members. Word of Mouth is one of the best business advertising a business can have. Personal Business Referrals also comes with Trust and Credibility.

Does your business have people advertisng your business using Word of Mouth advertising? If not, you need to ask yourself why not?

Contact us and attend a non-obligatory business referral get together in East London or Port Elizabeth and find out for yourself how Word of Mouth Business Networking can help Grow Your Business with Valuable Referrals! 

We are a transparent company and keep our members - as well as members of the public - informed on proceedings within GBR4U (Pty) Ltd.

Remember: Things get better when enough people decide that they should get better. Things change when ordinary people come together in a common purpose! (Kofi Annan. Secretary – General of the United Nations – 1999)


Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of Mouth is one of the most cost-effective type of advertising a business can have! This is directly linked due to the fact that People TRUST People, making Word of Mouth Advertising one of the most Powerful, yet cost effective, business Advertising that exists.

Remember, People want to do business with People they Know, Like and Trust!

GBR4U - Pioneer 1 Group during a Business Referral Meeting, March 2013.