Tuesday, 16 Aug 2022

Rite Group Food & Water - Specials

Rite Group Food & Water - Specials

R 699.00 Valid for September Month. Save R90.00 when buying this basket of goodies. 2kg Jumbo Cheese Russians 1kg Boneless Chicken Wings 1kg Euro Mix Veg 2.5kg French Fries 1kg Marinated pre-cooked ribs 800g Breaded onion rings 14 x Hash Browns 1kg Shoulder Bacon 12 x Cocktail samosas (ham/chees, chicken or mince) 1 x Tin Tomoato Onion Mix 1 x Pkt Fuscilli 1 x Pkt Spaghetti 8 x Chicken Spring Rolls 4 x Crumbed Chicken Patties 2 x Kg Filleted Chicken Breast

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