Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017

Member Application Form

Please fill in the application form below to apply for GBR4U membership, or alternatively you can download the form and fax/email it through to us. Click to download the application in Word Download MS Word format or PWD Download PDF Format.






If your are not the sole owner of this business, please answer the following three questions:






Please supply us with references who you have provided services / products for. This must exclude your introducer

GBR4U Member Fees:
The Admin Fee's is a Once Off fee of R550 and may only be charged again if Membership was not renewed and/or Paid for timeously.

12 Month Membership Fee:
Admin Fee: R550 + 12 month Membership Fee: R1 950
Total Fee: R2 500 (Not a VAT Vendor)

24 Month Membership Fee:
Admin Fee: R550 + 24 Month Membership Fee: R3 100
Total Fee: R3 650 (Not a VAT Vendor)

Please take Note: Once Accepted, and Paid, Fee's are Non-Refundable without exception.

On Acceptance of GBR4U and Once Paid, Fee's are Non-Refundable without exception.

Membership Committee decision is final. No reason needed to be provided to the applicant on a non-acceptance of this application by the membership committee of the applicable GBR4U (Pty) Ltd Pioneer Group or any GBR4U (Pty) Ltd staff including Company Directors.


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